Smile, girl, business portrait

 My name is Anastasia Gonova and I am a certified photographer of newborns and children under one year old.⠀For more than three years I have been photographing babies and toddlers from 0 to one year old, and sometimes I work with younger preschoolers! During this time, I met a huge number of families, dads and mothers, grandparents. This experience, as well as openness, positivity and love for communication, give me the opportunity to say with confidence that I:

- I will find an approach to any child 

-  I will put the sleepless one down, and the capricious person will start smiling⠀⠀ 

I can cause a sincere smile on the set of adults. And yes, even dads! ⠀⠀

Positive emotions are definitely guaranteed to you — you can read about them in the reviews. And the heroes of the shooting who return again and again confirm this!  

As a mother of a six-year-old son, I know exactly what colic, teeth, first smiles and tears, joys and feelings for successes and failures are, and I also know what to talk about with children! I am sure that nothing pleases adults like their own children. And it’s so cool to see how your child changes and grows! Allow yourself to be selfish — leave as a keepsake the shots that will warm you when your little ones become so big and independent. And when they break away from you and go on their big voyage. This sometimes happens too quickly and too imperceptibly for us parents. 

The main direction of my work is shooting newborns and children under one year old, but I also do family and pregnancy photo shoots.

You can find out all the details and book a photo session by phone  

+7 921 362 24 04